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Why I Don't Offer Ear Hair Plucking

  1. It Causes inflammation that can lead to secondary infection

“I also recommend not to pluck the hair from the ear canals of dogs during grooming, as this creates inflammation within the canal that often leads to secondary infections,” explains Dr. White. “If you are concerned about the routine care plan for the ears of your pet, I always recommend discussing this with your veterinarian in order to develop the best health plan for the pet.”  Source: Let Veterinarians get to the Bottom of Ear Problems

2. Risk of cross-contamination / exacerbating the problem

"It is very possible for pseudomonas bacteria, the most common infection agent, to transfer from an infected ear to various surfaces and then be picked up by other animals or even humans.

Rather than prevent ear infections, this procedure can actually create a greater likelihood of infection by damaging the tender inner ear tissue and allowing a foothold for bacteria to thrive." Source: NO MORE EAR HAIR PLUCKING!! By BBird

Example of Ear Hair Plucking: NOT

a service performed or provided

by any past or present employee of

So Fetch! Salon.

3. Medical Procedures should only be provided under the supervision of a licenced Veterinarian

A healthy ear doesn't need to experience the trauma of unnecessary ear plucking. An unhealthy, infection-prone ear should be under the care of a Veterinary Dermatologist, who will work with you to find out the underlying reason for your pet's reoccurring issues. If your child had an ear infection, would you ask your hairdresser to poke un-sterilized instruments into their ear, tear out excess hair, then pour in non-prescription solutions? Of course not! You would see a doctor!

4. It HURTS!

As your pet's Personal Stylist, I have two roles in their life: to maintain the health and beauty of your pet's skin, coat, and nails, and to keep you informed of any unusual issues I may discover during the grooming process.

Your pet will NEVER associate me or my Grooming Procedures with the pain of ear plucking. On the rare occasion that ear hair removal is necessary, I refer to Centennial Hills Animal Hospital, which offers Walk-In ala carte services without an exam fee.

So Fetch! Salon is dedicated to making Every Groom a POSITIVE Experience for Every Pet, Every Time!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Veterinarian and you should not use my advice in place of seeking Veterinary Care. If your Vet wants the hair pulled from your pet's ear canal, request that he or she provide that service during your exam!

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