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Individual Spa Sessions

at So Fetch! Salon

Some of our clients prefer that their pets enjoy the shortest possible stay at the Salon. We understand this sentiment and offer Individual Spa Sessions for these pets. Our Individual Spa Sessions are available at 9am on Wednesday-Friday. This Session means that we take your pet from your arms, straight through the grooming process, without putting them in a kennel between grooming steps. They receive our usual Double Shampoo and Deep Conditioning bath, hand blow dry, nails trimmed and/or filed, and their hairstyle or deshed treatment.


Individual Spa Sessions are an additional $15 on top of the usual grooming price and other grooming fees. This additional charge ensures that your pet is the only one worked on during their stay. We only offer ONE Individual Spa Session per day, so you MUST request it when you call to schedule your appointment. If you have multiple dogs that receive Individual Spa Sessions, you will need to schedule each one on a different day and pay the $15 additional fee per dog. Be sure to schedule this appointment at least a week in advance, as slots are limited. Most small breed dogs will take about 1 hour- 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. Larger breeds may take up to 2 hours. Please note, the Individual Spa Session is a Guarantee that your pet will be groomed straight through, it is not a guarantee of an exact amount of time your pet will be in the salon.


Who Might Benefit from Individual Spa Sessions?

  • Pet Owners who want to stay for the grooming session (your pet's appointment will be automatically upgraded to the $15 Individual Spa Session if you choose to stay. You MUST request this when you set your appointment)

  • Pet Owners who need their pet back sooner than the usual 3-4 hour window

  • Pets that cannot be safely kenneled (if your pet is an escape artist, barks non-stop if kenneled, is kennel aggressive)

  • Pets that are Other-Dog Aggressive


Regrettably, Individual Spa Sessions are not available for:

  • Pets that are also getting Color – The color process requires additional time to allow the color to fully saturate.

  • Pets that are afraid of the Dryer (or loud noises like the vacuum at home) – A pet that is afraid of the hand blowdrying process must be towel dried and placed in a kennel to dry in front of Ambient Air fans. This is NOT a heated drier, it is very similar to a regular box fan you might use in your home. Drying in this way is not ideal, as it adds at least half an hour to the grooming process and leaves the hair flat, uneven, and more difficult to get an even finish on.

  • Large Pets that have Difficulty Standing – In the case of pets that prefer to spend their time lying down, it is most humane to give them a break in a kennel after the bathing/drying process.


Why Do We Charge Extra for Individual Spa Sessions?

When a pet must be groomed straight through, it takes time away from the other appointments we have scheduled. This means we must either schedule fewer dogs or work a longer day.


Why Are Individual Spa Sessions only available at 9am? Why do you only have 1 per day?

Our first appointment of the day is guaranteed to run on time. Any number of incidents can happen throughout the day in a grooming salon that may put a groomer slightly behind: pets who have potty accidents and require additional baths and drying, pets who may not be used to being groomed and require more time, clients who may arrive late for their appointment, pets that are tangled and require additional brushing, etc. It is not uncommon for ALL of those incidents to happen in a single day! For this reason, we cannot offer Individual Sessions later in the day, as we never know if we'll be running exactly on time. We only offer 1 per day because we can only groom 1 pet straight through at a time.


If I don't want to pay extra, can you just hurry up?

While we always quote a 3-4 hour duration, it's not unusual for our standard appointments to be ready for pickup as soon as 2 hours from drop off. However, we cannot guarantee this will happen every time (see above). Our 9 am appointments are generally the fastest ones of the day, however we ask all of our clients to remember that yours isn't the only pet in our salon. Everyone wants their pet back first, but somebody has to be 2nd, 3rd, etc. The only way to guarantee that your pet is groomed first, straight through is to upgrade to an Individual Spa Session.


If my pet has a Standard Spa Session, what will that mean?

Your pet will enjoy a relaxing grooming experience with short breaks between the bath,hand blow dry, and haircut. Your pet's appointment duration will be about 3-4 hours, though some clients prefer to leave their pet in our care for longer while they run errands, enjoy their own spa days, or clean house. Most pets use this time to curl up and take a nap.

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