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Signature Services

Small $30-$38+
Lg $45+


Every session starts with our unique and highly customizable  spa-style bath experience.  Perfect for short-haired, single coated breeds (Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound) and to maintain long-haired breeds (Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Maltese) between haircut appointments.  Pets requiring full-body de-tangling, undercoat removal, or all-over trimming will be upgraded to Haircut & Style or De-shedding services and prices. 

Coat-Specific Double Shampoo


Deep Condition


Gland Check or Expression*


Warm Towel Wrap


Blow Out by hand, not in a kennel


Nails Trimmed &/or  Filed


 Ears Cleaned**


De-tangling mist & Brush Out


Trimming around Eyes, Paws, and Sanitary Areas

Fragrance of the Month


Unique Bows  &/or collectible Collar accessory

Small $52+
Lg $68+


All of the pampering included in the Bathe package, plus the full-body haircut/style of your choosing. We encourage you to bring photos of styles you like on dogs of similar breed/coat type! There are MANY examples to be found on our Facebook page, as well as multiple, poster-sized photos of our current clientele on our walls. 

Charity will be happy to assist you in choosing a beautiful, practical look for your pet based on their coat condition, frequency of grooming appointments, and general lifestyle. Whether Short and Sassy or Long and Luxurious, we'll work together to choose the best style for your pet!

Small $55+
Lg $70+


Some breeds are prone to shedding coat excessively, especially in the Vegas heat! These pets require a more advanced bathing, drying, and brushout process in order to properly remove dead, bulky undercoat.

At So Fetch!, we don't believe in offering "just a bath" to a dog that is packed full of undercoat. Instead, we evaluate your pet's coat condition at check in, perform a quick behavior test with our dryer to ensure your pet will tolerate our humane de-shedding process, and give a wide price estimate before you leave. Some pet owners prefer a de-shedding service only, while others request a haircut in addition to the undercoat removal. Prices vary widely for this service, based on size of pet, amount of time since last professionally groomed, condition of coat, time and products required to humanely remove undercoat, and of course, pet's tolerance of the grooming process.

Our De-shedding/Undercoat removal session are MOST EFFECTIVE and COST EFFICIENT when performed every 4-6 weeks. 





$5 per Area





$1 per Minute up to 20 mins

Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo and Mud Masque

Raw Sugar Scrub


Hot Organic Coconut Oil

Hot Spot Oil by Mauro Pet Care



Happy Feet Hot/Cold Pavement Protection


Humane Dematting

Skin and Coat Solutions


* Gland Expression is by Request Only.


** We are a GENTLE salon dedicated to "pawsitive" experiences ONLY. We do not RIP, PULL, YANK, or TEAR out ear hair. We will TRIM and/or LIGHTLY pluck visible hair upon request. If you prefer extensive Ear Hair removal, we strongly recommend using your Veterinarian. To learn more about Ear Hair Plucking, please visit this article: No More Ear Hair Plucking by Barbara Bird

Creative Styling is our specialty! Our Color services are a safe, vivid, and beautiful addition to your pet's Natural Style. All Color packages require 2 baths and additional time to allow the color to saturate to its full potential. We are only able to color pets with light hair, as we do not bleach, and pets must be reasonably well-behaved for regular grooming and handling before we attempt color. Our color lasts for 6-12 weeks+ and will not fade unattractively or "bleed" onto your carpet, clothes, or furniture. You MUST request Color (and the shade you prefer) when you set your appointment so we may allot extra time for your pet. 


All Color Prices are  in addition to the price of your pet's Groom or Bath Package


$10 Per Area Semi-Permanent Color Accents 
$50+ Full Body Color 
$3 Feather Extensions
$100+ Extreme Makeover (leopard/Zebra/panda)

​$2 Per Paw Nail Art

$3 per Jewel Bling

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